Faculty Highlight on Antoine McKay


We would like to start off the new blog by highlighting one of our talented faculty members, Antoine McKay. SPACE is proud to have had McKay teaching improv and drama classes for several years. McKay has appeared in numerous television series such as ER, Sports Action Team, and recently on Review with Forrest MacNeil a new series on Comedy Central. Antonie’s talent and work in improv earned him appearances with Second City, the leading name in improve sketch comedy.

His love for improv shines brightly; he makes compelling statements on how improve can change your life during an interview on I am Bigan on-line inspirational talk show.

“Improve forces you to look at yourself. It forces you to make decisions. It forces you to analyze what it is you truly believe at the core of you”

When you see how passionate he is about his work, it is easy to understand how his enthusiasm enables him to be an excellent teacher. It’s hard not to share his joy when you hear him speak.

McKay is also the founder of McKay Arts, a private theatre company which offers improve and acting at SPACE. McKay Arts offers ongoing shows every Friday at Pressure Cafe 6318 N. Clark, in Chicago, visit McKay Arts for more details.

See a small snippet of McKay’s SPACE students performing at the 2012 Spring Recital on our Youtube channel below:

Check out McKay’s extensive list of acting gigs on IMDb and Stewart Talent Agency. You can also keep up to date with McKay happenings by following him on Twitter.